Trained in handling multi-problem families with complex abusive situations, our Director, Kristen Marzolf, LCSW brings her expertise to the group’s abuse program. In addition, team members are well-trained in intervention in an abusive, traumatic situation in a warm, knowledgeable manner.   Your case is analyzed by a team of experts.  Their work draws on the writings of Mary Jo Barrett, Eliana Gil, Pat Ogden, Neil Jacobson, Bessel Van der Kolk and Peter Levine, among others.

For adults, you probably already know how a traumatic episode or a background of struggle has affected your life; perhaps you’ve made a decision to put it in the past, react differently, not put yourself in that situation again. For a while, that worked.  The old paradigm of therapy left a person having only the choice to manage their symptoms.  Now, newer technologies allow the symptoms to actually go away.  Life is much better when the symptoms go away!  Imagine -- no more nightmares, no more having to talk yourself down, no more feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.  Old therapy models also required a lot of reliving the situation in sessions.  More current models don't need every detail of the story.   (See our trauma page for a broader discussion.)

Children are treated through art and play therapies, role playing, parts work and telling their stories. We can adapt DBT principles to help them handle overwhelming emotions and use Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing to help teach them the effect the trauma has had on their physical selves. Once they deeply feel safe, children begin processing the abuse in a manner that will lessen the impact within their memories and lives as they develop.

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“After 1 or 2 sessions, I told my husband that I would love if my brother would come for therapy here too. I feel safe here in these offices.” —RM, Glenview

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