Managing ADD/ADHD can be a frustrating process!  Despite a person’s good intentions, their disorganized or disconnected actions can take a toll on their self-esteem.  Family members are sometimes tired of waiting for independence or responsibility to take hold.  Schools and parents end up over-functioning to make up for an under-functioning that could be present.  A lack of motivation can cause family members to worry about the future.

Here at FRG, with our different lens, we actually see a form of anxiety underneath.  The difficulty focusing can be seen as a low threshold of overwhelm or a difficulty with parasympathetic (settling down) functions.  The lack of executive function can be a difficulty using their eyes and ears fully, without hyperactivity or distractions of the nervous system.

We slow, help them watch their attention leave, then come back.   We teach self-soothing skills.  We have exercises to support them using their eyes and ears differently.  Curious and bright people are helped to notice how much more effective their thinking will be if they practice slowing and focusing.  Then, as we support planning and executive functioning skills, that process can occur in a way that will be more hard-wired into the brain.

Families may also be encouraged to allow natural consequences to occur or to help people’s lives be more in their window of tolerance.  Food choices may need to be altered or supplements added by doctors to support focus biologically.

And we’ll be constantly reviewing current research literature on ADD/ADHD.  Innovation, the FRG way.

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“Our experience with FRG has been amazing.  Our therapist’s varied training and skills have allowed her to connect in ways that no one has been able to do before.  The combination of somatic and talk therapy along with yoga has helped our 14 year old to cope with learning differences, advocate for herself and navigate school.” ~S.A. Client Parent Testimonial

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