Helping change the world of a child has been a special passion of our staff members.  We bring developmental expertise and real world experiences together, teaming with your own knowledge of your child. Starting with playing and talking to help children express themselves in their own way, children learn to use words so that parents can understand their behavior more clearly. FRG staff members are trained to use therapeuticplay, artwork, toys, games, pretend and role playing to make treatment fun as well as productive. 

Along with child treatment, we meet with parents and families to help them understand their child’s essential nature and nervous system reactions to stresses better.  Practice in different ways of handling him/her can then start. Our Parenting Support section of this website discusses these services. Most parents find the clear, practical solutions you’ll learn very helpful, as if we are finally creating a handbook for parenting your unique child.

Teens, though, take a very different approach than do younger ones. Many come in resistant, tough, but find that they are drawn to the authenticity and honesty of our clinicians. Since we can see teen/parent conflicts from both sides, Family Resilience therapists can give kids the guidance they are seeking, while also being mindful of family realities.  We’ll talk about into what constitutes good choices, how to become responsible and independent, handling intense feelings and learning good, appropriate social skills to head into the world and stay safe.  Our teens also have a lot of fun trying something new:  Yoga with Courtney?  Deeper breathing with Angela?  Therapeutic movements with Kirstin?  We don't let treatment get boring.  

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“You’re like a translator! I don’t know how you do it — you speak both kid and adult at the same time!” —M.W., Buffalo Grove, IL
“I love Jean. She is one of the people I can trust and be comfortable with. I have been with her since 8th grade. She has taught me all the coping skills in the book. You should give her a billion dollars because she is DA BEST!” —RB, Rolling Meadows
“Angela has done an outstanding job of helping our two kids through some traumatic circumstances and helped ease them into their teens. We’ve been lucky to find her.” —HB, Arlington Heights