Doing Couples Therapy is notoriously tricky for clinicians.  You will want a well-trained, experienced professional working with you, knowing how to not only create healing together but also to prevent pain from being triggered in sessions.  (Couples can actually do more damage to their relationship with the wrong therapy conditions.)

Our Couples Therapy program is designed for change.   We ask each of you to enter both Couples Counseling, and Individual therapy – whether with us or not – to support the changes that need to happen.   If Individual work is here, communication is internal, seamless among the team supporting you.  In sessions, we work on both partners understanding histories, both able to track triggers or activating moments, to know how to repair, and to communicate in ways that reach your partner more fully.  Managing family issues and recovering sexuality are sub-specialties of ours.  Many people also come in for pre-marital therapy.

The Family Resilience Group works with all couples regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation and is committed to trying to keep couples in their long-term relationships as a first choice, assisting in a healthy separation when couplehood is not a possible or healthy choice.

But don’t wait too long to get into therapy. One of the biggest hazards to successful couples therapy is that the couple has waited too long and the problems are now too entrenched.

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“This place has been such a gift. It has given us a second chance. Without Family Resilience, I doubt we’d be fighting for our marriage the way we are today. It is so much better. Thank you, thank you!” – LC, Buffalo Grove
“An integral part of our couples work was our FRG therapist’s perceptiveness and understanding of our personalities, emotional makeup and interpersonal dynamics. She was quick to discern cyclical behavioral patterns that rendered us unable to resolve our issues. She provided us with coping strategies and communication skills to break our dysfunctional cycles. As a result of our couple’s work, we have achieved a greater understanding of our relationship, gained greater respect for each other and stabilized our marriage resulting in a much happier, loving relationship.” — H. and D. H., Buffalo Grove, IL