Services for divorcing or separating families include:

  • Individual therapy for separating partners, to help with adjustment, anger, and loss.
  • Child and family therapies to minimize the impact on the kids.
  • Couples/family services to help the couple split in a healthier manner.
  • Reunification of estranged parents and children in a safe, gradual way.

Divorce presents a unique opportunity for a person to reflect on their lives, to understand the relationship patterns they’ve been a part of that didn’t work and to change these in the next relationship. There is also a mourning and empowerment process that must be moved through completely in order to rebuild an independent life. Family Resilience therapists can also help with the day-to-day stresses of parent communication, helping to navigate court involvement and step-parent interaction. We believe that both parents should ideally be healthy but separate partners in a child’s life, but can help build a child’s resilience when this is not possible.  It's a wise, courageous person that seeks support at this time of transition.  We'll be your partner.

In more complex situations, we may recommend that additional therapists work with the different members.  We then come together as a team, putting many expert heads together to create change.  This model is rare -- therapists plan to communicate but in practice, rarely do.  We are all in one office suite, coordinating care daily, wrapping your family in care.

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“My therapist has saved me from a very insane time. She’s great and truly understands all aspects of what is going on in my life based on her knowledge and experiences. Love her!” —Anonymous adult, reported in last survey results
“My lawyer said he had worked with you before and that you’re the best. He really pushed me to see you.” —JC, Chicago