Today’s parents need a unique kind of support. Before Dr. Spock’s book ("Baby and Child Care") was published in 1946, parents had little insight into their responsibility for the environment in which their children grew up. Since then, however, parents have been bombarded with advice. The result is that parents want to do “the right thing” for their child, but are sometimes uncertain. Today’s parents also have to cope with a culture surrounding the family that is sometimes unsupportive of healthy choices; we have a din of voices recommending a wide range of approaches with our children; we have the economic pressures of our new economy. 

Family Resilience therapists are trained in couples and family therapy. They are required to stay current in the research trends so that you can put away the parenting books, or at least be guided to the best ones. From ADHD, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Behavioral problems, trauma and many others, Family Resilience Group staff members work to combine your expertise about your child with our expertise about relationships and development. Many are also parents as well as professionals.  

In more complex situations, we may recommend that additional therapists work with the different members.  We then come together as a team, putting many expert heads together to create change.  This model is rare -- therapists plan to communicate but in practice, rarely do.  We are all in one office suite, coordinating care daily, wrapping your family in care.

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“I feel supported. I feel like Kirstin is helping me to see things that I’m not able to, or get to why I’m feeling or doing what I’m feeling or doing. We have a good relationship that is professional. I appreciate that!” —Anonymous adult, as reported in last survey results.
“Kristen has been a God send. Her personality, care, compassion and understanding of the root causes of couples, family, and marital challenges is truly a unique gift. She truly stands above the crowd and is excellent. Her calm demeanor is very soothing.” –HJ, Des Plaines