The goal of the Family Resilience Group is to provide you with the most effective treatment possible in the field.   Warm support is an important start, as is supporting you to transform yourself … but we believe that leadership by your therapist is important in this process … in fact, what you expect in choosing someone to talk to. We will offer ways to do this differently, perhaps, from other experiences, letting the choice always be yours. Our biggest fans are people who have had previous therapy experiences that were unsatisfying … and can notice the difference at FRG. We are not happy unless you are reporting positive change in your life from this work. The FRG staff is a strong team, connected in supporting the many facets of your life.  Often we see many members of one family, all of us working as a team for better health.

In order to get to know us, you should know our beliefs. We feel strongly that therapy should be:

  1. Safe – You’ll come to look forward to sessions, to feel like it’s a place you can finally be yourself.
  2. Effective – Our staff is vigilant about the latest in research, are innovative and intelligent.
  3. Sensitive to differences – We work with clients of all races, gender, sexual orientations and life experience. Those differences need to be considered and respected for the strengths they are.
  4. Affordable – We work with all types of insurances and can hold sessions at varying intervals so that this is financially comfortable.
  5. Available – After-hour calls can be opportunities for growth, not problematic.
  6. Healthy – All of our therapists stay balanced and healthy in their own lives, optimistic in outlook and have good staff support and training to perform at their best.
“Your effect on my life will be felt for the rest of my life, and who knows, maybe longer.” —F.D., Buffalo Grove, IL