All quotes throughout this website are actual reviews of the work of The Family Resilience Group staff members. We asked for testimonials for this website, gathered from cards and letters sent at endings and holidays, gleaned from outcome evaluations done periodically at our offices. All comments have been used with permission and identities have been veiled to protect confidentiality. Look for further reviews in each topical area as well.

“I know I am a better person because of the work done together in your office. I am a more centered, self-assured person who is more confident in her decision making, safer in her skin, happier with what life has shown me so far.”
—NG, Chicago, IL
My Family Resilience Group therapist “... is an outstanding communicator. Her thought processes are very logical and her methods are practical and uncomplicated. I have found her very compassionate and easy to talk to. She has helped me reacquire my inner strength and independence. I am more emotionally centered now and have rediscovered that I do have power over my life.”
—SA, Inverness, IL
“Natalie has been an amazing partner. She has helped us through the toughest of times with a kind, gentle, supportive manner that makes it easy for parents and children to connect with. She has been an invaluable member of the team!”
WC, Arlington Hts
“Kirstin has been a wonderful addition to our family, in terms of providing insight into the struggles my (adult) son has with dealing with emotional anxiety. She has helped guide us through the darkest hours, despair, emotional rollercoasters we’ve been through, as a family. It’s been a terrific experience.” 
– Anonymous parent, in last survey
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