Born and raised in the area, Kristen Marzolf, LCSW,SEP has been in the field since 1989. With a BA in Psychology (’87 and ’88) from the Univ. of IL (Urbana) and an MSW from Univ of IL (Chicago) in 1991, she graduated Summa Cum Laude and is Licensed in the State of IL. She likes the challenge of surrounding herself with a team of bright minds.

Kristen has spent her career with two passions: Untangling complex family relationships and effectively treating trauma. She trained with Mary Jo Barrett, MSW, of the Center for Contextual Change, where she served as Co-Clinical Director. Kristen co-authored a chapter in Children in Therapy (2000) along with Barrett and Joseph Cortese, LCSW. She has served as a Field Instructor for the Univ of Chicago, National Louis University and the IL School for Professional Psychology. She trained in DBT in 2008, Somatic Experiencing starting in 2010, EMDR in 2013. She brings a perfectionist leaning to her search for the most effective advances in our field.

Kristen currently specializes in Couples and Relationship therapy, treatment of Trauma (including PTSD and Complex PTSD), Anxiety and Depression treatment in a holistic manner. She brings a connected, effective, clear presence to the therapy room that often feels very reassuring to clients. She can be seen in off hours laughing with friends, enjoying music and attending many kid activities with her family. She has been married for 25+ years and has three children.


Angela Demikis, LCPC, graduated with a BA from Marquette University, then an MA in Counseling (with high honors) from the IL School of Professional Psychology at Argosy Univ. In her 10 years in the field, she first worked in an inpatient psychiatric hospital with children and adolescents, then spent 5 years working at a community mental health center helping families develop the skills necessary to prevent and manage crises. Angela also is an Adjunct Faculty member of the staff at St. Augustine College.

Angela’s latest passion is transforming families by teaching Somatic Experiencing principles to parents and children, bringing an easier flow and more joy to their lives. She transforms biology lessons for kids into play, to teach them how to manage their own intense body reactions independently. She clearly explains sympathetic and parasympathetic reactions to parents, so that they can read their children, understand how and when to intervene and when to allow for space. Angela is also is enjoying her sessions with adults, where they find a safe, understanding space to together explore this new work. Her work resides at the intersection of youthful energy, extensive training and intelligent wisdom.

Angela’s clinical specialties include treating symptoms of trauma, ADD, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger management, child development and behaviors, parent support, family conflict, crisis intervention, and adult life transitions. She incorporates holistic interventions from various theoretical orientations, including Solution-Focused, Somatic Experiencing, DBT, and Cognitive-Behavioral techniques. Her role as a therapist is to offer safe support, then to challenge her clients to gradually step out of a comfort zone that may be preventing true happiness. She blends creative arts and humor into her work and believes that at times, laughter is the best cure.

Angela lives in Chicago and in her free time she loves to go to comedy shows, music festivals, and run fun themed 5ks that somehow always seem to involve mud or paint.


Kirstin Siegler was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and is an avid Packers fan. She ventured out of Packer country for college, attending Purdue University for her BA. Now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Kirstin earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago in 2008.

Over her 7+ years in the field, she has continued on to be clinically trained in Functional Family Therapy and currently working towards a certification in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. SPP is an innovative approach to involving the nervous system and physical reactions in treatment. It is Kristin’s latest passion to especially bring this work to children, teens and families. She also draws from a variety of modalities including play therapy, somatic therapies, systems approaches, attachment, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, and enjoys helping clients understand how thoughts, feelings and body reactions are connected. Kirstin has experience working with children and youth in hospital, home-based family therapy, outpatient and at pediatric multidisciplinary settings. At FRG she specializes treats Adult and Child ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Job and Relationship issues and school/behavioral problems.

In her off hours, she can be seen enjoying the city with her husband, attending concerts in the park, biking and running on the lake path or 606. Kirstin finds spending time outdoors and being active great ways to relax and is also learning to play the guitar. She is excited to be a part of the strong team at FRG.


Natalie Belmonte, LPC is a native Chicagoan who received a BA in Psychology from Elmhurst College, IL and an MA in Counseling from the IL School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.  She brings a wonderful combination of experience, youthful energy and outstanding training to FRG.

Natalie has been working in the field of counseling for almost ten years. She began working with abused and neglected children at a diagnostic shelter/group home. She also honed her skills working at a community mental health agency as a child and adolescent therapist, helping parents and children with behavioral, emotional and family issues and interfacing with schools.

She is excited to be part of the team at Family Resilience.  Here, Natalie will work with children, teens and families and young adults dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, parental conflict, anger management, divorce, self-esteem and the struggle of life adjustments.  She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral, Family Systems, and Play Therapy methods and has strong training in Somatic Experiencing.

Natalie enjoys exercising and yoga . . . however if you see her in exercise clothing it does not always mean she made it to the gym!   In the warm months, Natalie enjoys spending her time outdoors as much as possible.  She looks forward to traveling and will jump on a plane any chance she gets.  Natalie spends a lot of her time with family, playing baseball with her nephews or coloring with her niece, as family and good friends are Natalie’s most cherished treasures.


Jane Cairo, LCSW, SEP, graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Univ. of Illinois (Chicago) in 1983 with an MSW.  Licensed as an LCSW, she later completed her 3 year Somatic Experiencing training.   She is currently in the Trauma Touch Skills training with Steve Terrell, PsyD and is assisting teaching the SE curriculum to further grow her skills.  She clearly shares the same curiosity about mind/body theory that FRG staff members embrace.

Jane most recently worked for a nationally-known Counseling organization as their Director of Inpatient Services and a Family Therapist. She worked  as a Psychotherapist for women and girls at Timberline Knolls Residential Center.  Jane is a HeartMath Coach and HeartMath Group Educator, trained in EMDR and Bowen Systems Therapy.

Jane brings a wealth of experience to FRG from outpatient, hospital and non-profit clinical settings.  She has experience working with families, couples, children, teens and adults, but especially enjoys helping clients integrate their whole selves into recovery.  She believes that being a good listener is foundational for whatever treatment modality is used and works well with anxiety, depression, trauma, family, child management and relationship issues.

She and her husband of 35+ years have 4 children, so she knows first hand the task of balancing work and family.  A 3rd generation Japanese- American, in her off hours, you might see Jane at the library, tracing her family tree … or dabbling in essential oils, hoping to not poison anyone … or trying to find an exercise practice that finally fits. 


Courtney Photo.jpg

Courtney Curby Flores, LPC, RYT received her degree from DePaul University's Community Counseling program. While getting her master's degree, Courtney also completed her yoga teacher training at the Chicago School of Yoga, the start of her interest in the role of the body in managing stress and trauma.  She is currently training in Somatic Experiencing.

Courtney has worked as a Therapist at Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient Levels of care and she has implemented cognitive-Behavioral, play and yoga interventions at each setting. Courtney has experience teaching DBT interventions to clients and families, as well as helping to manage anxiety, depression, social issues, ADHD and family behavioral problems.  Prior to her counseling career, Courtney was a high school teacher and a collegiate soccer coach, so interfacing with schools is a priority. Finally, Courtney has a particular interest in implementing tools for managing performance related anxiety in sports using mindfulness-based techniques.

Courtney is passionate about the intersection of yoga and therapeutic interventions, which ultimately led her to working with many clients struggling with trauma-related symptoms. In her free time, Courtney enjoys spending time finding trails to explore with her husband and dog, can be seen laughing with friends.



Andrea Lobacz, RD, graduated with a BS in Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She interned in a private practice setting with Marla Heller, MS, RD. While interning, Andrea worked with adolescents using the SHAPEDOWN Program and helped to create menu plans for Marla Heller’s book The Dash Diet Plan.   Andrea continued her career working at Elmhurst Hospital as a Supervisor in the Dietary Department.

Andrea is currently working toward her Certification in Intuitive Eating. She is excited to join the team at Family Resilience. Here she will work with children, teens, families and adults in creating a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body. She will work with patients to encourage a reconnection with the body’s innate signals and to rediscover the pleasures of eating using the Principals of Intuitive Eating.  She can create structured food plans as needed and discuss gently widening healthy choices. 

Andrea enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, and puppy. She loves to be around people and her home has an open door policy, welcoming family, friends, and neighbors at any time. She enjoys entertaining, vacationing to warm climates, and going out to dinner with friends.



John Muszynski, LCSW, received his MSW from Loyola University, Chicago and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Illinois. He grew up in Skokie, IL and has been practicing psychotherapy in the area for 6+ years.  John believes the cold winter months provide Chicagoland dwellers a deeper appreciation of the summer months and looks forward to practicing in the area for years to come.

John began his career in Psychotherapy as a Community-based Mental Health Counselor in Chicago. He worked with families who recently experienced a crisis, helping them rediscover stabilization and growth. For the next 5+ years, John then has worked as a Psychotherapist at a local community mental health center. His experience includes challenging adults, children, teens and their families dealing with behavioral, relationship and executive functioning issues to change.

John believes that everyone possesses the innate capacity to transform their pain and suffering into valuable inner resources if supported. In order to effectively guide this process, John has been trained in CBT, DBT and EMDR and continues his love of learning in order to build upon his current skillsets. He is training in SE and play therapy in order to continue to develop ways to allow people grow and increase resilience. John specializes in treating Depression, Relationship Issues, Family Conflicts, Behavior and School Problems, Anxiety and ADD through a trauma lens with children, teens and adults.

John currently lives in Chicago and enjoys spending time finding good restaurants, watching classic movies and discovering new ways to challenge himself to get outside of his comfort zone.