PTSD and trauma work are a specialty of our group. Schooled in resolving both Simple and more Complex PTSD cases, the staff at The Family Resilience Group will help work within the individual, family and community to assess the individual and familial damage; to help your system feel more calm and present;  to create emotional and physical safety.  We bring in a sense that hard moments are over;  life can return.

None of this work, however, is possible without a warm connection and safe place that will begin the reparative process. We understand the lengths that people at times need to go to survive a situation, to put away a painful memory. Trauma recovery work is especially moving, using talking, art therapy, guided imagery, Somatic Experiencing and DBT.  Trauma Touch services for more immediate stabilization are an option.

At times, supplemental services such as EMDR, biofeedback, psychiatric med support and legal representation are necessary. We can point you in the right direction, integrate those services into our therapy and coordinate care. Finally, a spiritual outlook can help put the episode to rest, creating new meanings and new resiliencies.

Each staff member has a specialty that contributes to our ability to treat trauma expertly:  Kirstin practices Sensorimotor Psychotherapy;  Angela, Kristen, Jane and Natalie do Somatic Experiencing;  Jane adds her expertise in Heart Math and spirituality.  Together we have specialized in trauma and studied it as our passion for decades of experience.  It is truly our lens to the world:  Spotting trauma, knowing how to guide recovery.

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“My FRG therapist is an invaluable support and source of information and ideas:  Warm, caring, compassionate and professional ... we are so lucky!” –BH, Arlington Hts
“This is my safe place – a constant when in my life, so little is constant.” –NR, Lincolnshire