Complex or Developmental Trauma

Some folks have more than simple PTSD.  Often those with more complex trauma have received a variety of diagnoses, including personality disorders.  Some in the larger medical community see these states as a fixed condition.  Instead, we see a possibility for change, deep change, to occur.

At FRG, we are proud of our ability to handle Complex/Developmental Trauma.  It is difficult work that requires a highly trained therapist.  So we fly across the country to both give and receive more advanced training and to continuously search for the latest innovations.  These methods give us a map through this complex process and we’ve learned that it all starts with neurological regulation.

Our favorite methods to address Developmental or Complex Trauma are Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and Supportive Bodywork methods to start the process.  If grounding through touch is not your choice, Yoga-centered support can be an option as well.  EMDR and SE/SP (above) can help renegotiate traumatic memories, DBT gives life structure.  Your therapist will assess for which tool will best address your situation.


We also are available for more Intensive support for those who find themselves in an extremely painful position.  Intensives jump start the work for a person, getting a shift on board faster.

We think out of the box and become very accommodating, because your situation demands more.

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“FRG has a warm and compassionate atmosphere, incorporating techniques for mind and body, to strengthen the opportunity for growth and healing.” ~Anonymous Satisfaction Survey Participant 

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