Family Therapy

It might be hard to believe, but Family Therapy is a lost art these days.  It takes years for a therapist under a mentor to truly learn well how to manage multiple people in a room in a way that doesn’t become explosive or repeat bad patterns.

We at FRG are experts in bringing family members together.  With decades of experience, our staff is challenged by the team to identify patterns, to learn to bring them to the forefront in a gentle way, to consider all points of view and to manage the space in the office in a kind but focused way.

We usually combine family sessions with individual supports for members.  Then, the individual therapists may come together in the same room to bring much support and many heads to the table.  By slowing, everyone can be heard.  Homework can be given in family sessions for practice of skills at home, for additional learning to occur in Individual sessions.


Finally, we will be adding our signature body-awareness to this work as well.  We’ll want children to be able to speak up and manage feeling queasy or shaky;  parents to find softer or firmer places on both the inside (as a felt sensation) and in their actions.  Or, to use stress level awareness to call for a break if an interaction is getting heated, practicing de-escalating before continuing.

We find this to be a highly effective mode of resolving impasses.  But . . . many families come to the table with both very ingrained attitudes AND a great sense of urgency.  Please know that it takes time to address the concerns and reactions of each person, untangling sometimes years of misunderstandings.

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“I really like FRG’s framework in that there are multiple therapists that can help different family members with their divergent perspectives. It’s so nice because then these different therapists can come together to discuss how to best help our family with an eye on all the varying perspectives and with the ultimate goal of family harmony.” ~H.S. Client Testimonial

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