About JANE:

Jane has been a part of the FRG family since 2017, but has worked in the field for 30+ years. She brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to her work and we are happy to have her on our team.

She is the type of person whose calm and peaceful presence can help to settle any nerves! Her clients greatly benefit from her adept use of Somatic Experiencing, co-regulating touch methods, and Heart Math skills to bring calm into difficult sessions.

Couples often express gratitude for the hour with Jane. Her containment of emotion helps them experience a communication and conflict resolution that is reparative, rather than destructive or overwhelming.

Finally, she will relish following you into spiritual discussions if you ever choose.

“Jane has helping me and my husband address aspects of our marriage that have been interfering with our life. She guides us to becoming aware of certain patterns that are not serving a positive purpose along with identifying possible root causes for our issues. Jane introduces new communication skills and ways to truly hear each other. Even with stressful issues and heightened emotions, she has an ability to bring calmness and clarity during every session. Jane offers non-biased perspectives, allowing both of us to feel heard and free to express ourselves.” ~Anonymous Satisfaction Survey Participant

Jane’s Background:

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Univ. of Illinois (Chicago) in 1983, MSW.
  • Worked for a nationally-known Counseling organization as both their Director of Inpatient Services and as a Family Therapist.
  • Years of experience as a Psychotherapist for women and girls at a local Residential treatment center.
  • Completed 3 year Somatic Experiencing training
  • Completed Trauma Touch Skills training and Somatic Resonance and Resilience with Steve Terrell, PsyD
  • Assistant teaches the SE curriculum nationwide.
  • Trained as a HeartMath Coach and HeartMath Group Educator, EMDR, Couples Attachments models.

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