Parent Support Services

Parents are some of our favorite people here at FRG.  We hold so much honor and respect for the effort they are putting into their families.  And so much heartbreak for the sometimes painful results that may be occurring for them.

We at FRG parent in our own lives.  It’s the hardest job we love, and we want to start talking about how very tough it can be.  For ALL of us.

Nobody taught you how to do this.  And worse yet, you may have had some terrible role models.  Add in the conflicting advice from all of the “parenting experts” around.  How do you know what in the world is right?!

First: “Right” is different for each child, but with a unifying set of principles.

We draw from an understanding of development and attachment, a knowledge of relationships, the principles of co-regulation.  We want you to find your best self in parenting, to make your household more of a place of peace finally.

We’ll take concrete examples of the struggles that occur daily, together dissect them to see a set of basic principles underneath.  We want to help you understand you and your child’s biology, how brains and bodies work together.

Can you imagine what it would be like to finally have a warm place to let down, be real and talk about parenting together?  You can do this!  And we have the place.

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“I was extremely against therapy for my anger issue. Within weeks, I noticed a shift in my attitude and more importantly patience with my two young boys. My therapist took time to understand who I was and how I got there. Through focus, mediation and hard work, I was able to gain awareness and mindfulness around all aspects of my life. I cannot believe the person I am now and owe so much to FRG.” ~T.N. Client Testimonial

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