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You don’t have to do this alone – there are a range of services to help you through the upcoming challenges.

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Welcome to The Family Resilience Group – a group practice of seasoned therapists, committed to creating an emotional safety net for our clients; a place where you can turn to in uncertain times for caring and expert guidance.

Resilience is hope; resilience is bouncing back after a change or moving ahead with confidence. That is our mission: to create that positive mindset with you.

Our mission as The Family Resilience Group is:

  1. To provide a safe place of partnership and understanding.
  2. To guide clients towards practical changes that fit with their daily lives in a time-limited way.
  3. To continue to be an emotional safety net for clients throughout the life cycle.

We’ll be drawing on the latest research, which shows very clearly the characteristics we’ll need to build to strengthen an individual or family.  We’ll be wrapping you with a team approach behind the scenes.  And we expect that therapy will be different this time …