Welcome to the Family Resilience Group – a group practice of seasoned therapists, committed to creating an emotional safety net for our clients;  a place you can turn to in uncertain times for caring, calming, support and change.

Resilience is hope;  it is bouncing back after a set back, or perhaps from years of setbacks.  It is restoring who you are, remembering ways you can cope, finding hope again through new methods that weren’t available years ago.

We start with a strong ability to understand families, relationships and interactions.  Then, we add our uniquely extensive training in cutting edge neurological science to teach you how to manage your own (or to help your child/partner manage) body reactions.  We find that so much of classic psychology addresses mainly thoughts and behaviors in our lives.  We do this AND look broader, combining the latest in brain research and understanding that even though many of us have good intentions to over-ride our impulses, we still repeat the same stuck patterns.  Consider learning more about one of our favorite modalities of work: Somatic Experiencing.

We’ll be wrapping your family in a team approach that finally makes sense and we’ll do it differently this time. I invite you to read on.