We’re proud of our. . .

Clear, Unified Approach

We have a clear method at Family Resilience, informed by decades of experience. Thoughts, Behaviors, Relationships and the Body are treated, reaching for emotional and neurological regulation. We have trauma-informed talk therapists broadened by teaming with holistic services. FRG’s therapists all have additional, years-long training in Somatic Experiencing and other methods to hone our craft.

We at FRG fix a pattern of behavior, deeply, when it hasn’t been fixed before. Check out our different approach to our Specialties. Our pace is manageable so clients leave feeling refreshed, with a plan, ready to take on a challenge.

Our Truly Family-Based View

Even when we have one person in the room, we’re aware that you may not live alone, so your changes affect the rest of the household. Multiple family members are often at FRG, with more than one clinician connected with your family.

Then, cases are staffed with a planned, expert approach with lots of in-house conversation occurring. Parents, children, spouses are supported to talk to one another, not just to be in separate rooms talking about each other. We help the family/couples therapy inform topics in individual sessions; individual work informs family work.

We fly all over the country investigating the most cutting-edge technologies in the field. We encourage longer term work and support biology and psychology to move towards a more permanent change.

Our staff thinks about, trains and perseveres with the most difficult cases. We are not happy unless you are seeing results.

Our Personalized Intake System

When you reach out, you’ll spend time on the phone with a clinician (often our Director), who knows expertly how to match you with the staff member that fits your clinical needs, your style, your schedule. Or, email contact is always an option.

And if something is ever not ok, a Director will be available to make sure your work fits.

Our passion for our clients

We love our clients!

They are on our minds between sessions and we are invested in their care and being available. We coordinate with schools, hospitals, doctors to get to know your world even deeper.

We don’t have 24/7 service, please note, but want to hear you, see you, believe in you.

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