The Family Resilience Group treats generalized, separation, school refusal, social, OCD anxieties, phobias and panic attacks.

Family Resilience therapists help clients understand the brain challenges associated with anxious biology, to learn breathing exercises, imagery, mindfulness and other self-soothing techniques in order to help clients gain better control over their bodies.  So often we hear it said that people experience anxiety as "wanting to jump out of your skin", obsessive thoughts that won't stop, or an intense sense of overwhelm.  While we help your physical system to calm, an understanding of the meaning of the anxiety becomes clear.  Decisions on life changes come naturally from there.  Our offices become a safe place to answer “what ifs” and to prepare to face difficult choices or situations with support. Medication may prove necessary with chronic or debilitating anxiety, but we prefer to see first if skill building and mindful calming can affect a change in milder cases.

Parent training is also essential in helping an anxious child, as they have the power to increase or decrease a child’s reactions with their responses. We will draw on works by Margaret Wehrenberg, Marcia Linnehan, David Barlow and other forward thinkers in the area of anxiety treatment.

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“Jean has been amazingly helpful in dealing with life issues. I feel better than I have in my whole life. My anxiety is significantly less than when I started.” —GR, Buffalo Grove
“My work with here has been very helpful. I’m not at all as stressed out as I used to be.” —SB, Buffalo Grove