Insurance and Payments

Insurance and Payment Specifics

Most of our clients here at FRG receive some sort of insurance reimbursement.  Our Admin staff is committed to support you in obtaining the most coverage possible under your policy.

We are in-network (under contract) with all BCBS PPO products (including out of state and BlueChoice) and Aetna.  Any other insurance would process claims from Family Resilience as out of network.

Your benefits will vary according to your policy.  We have no way of knowing your coverage – you will need to call the patient support phone number/website listed on your insurance card.  Under Forms on this website, there is a printable worksheet walking you through how to check your benefits.

Once a session has occurred, our staff will send the claim to your insurance company.  We ask you to cover any copays due, keeping those current either on a monthly basis or at the time of service.  Our Office Manager sends out bills monthly.  Those invoices will list dates of sessions, payments from insurance and from you, and any amount due.

We will also be asking you, as part of registration, to place a credit card on file with us.  We keep it locked, protected with utmost care for your privacy.  And you can select that no charges go onto it without notification.  Unfortunately, we have had people who have skipped out on paying their bills, to the point that we find this to be necessary.  This is required even if you are using your insurance benefits.

If you strongly don’t want a card on file, paying in full (including fees to be billed to insurance) in cash or check each session can avoid this.

Once your account is overdue, our Office Manager will reach out to you to discuss.  Next, your therapist will try to support you to catch up.  Finally, if the account continues to be overdue, services can be suspended.  If the outstanding amount is not being paid over the next few months by a payment plan, your account would be sent to collections.

We really work well with people who come up on genuine financial hardship during their time here.  Please be honest and work with us on any difficulties that arise.  We pledge to be responsive and to try to find balance in our attention to finances.

“Your practice is truly phenomenal. The team environment is incredible and I love how welcoming not just my therapist is, but all of the other team members as well. It feels like a community and I am so incredibly grateful that I was connected to FRG. Thank you all so much. Words cannot even express how thankful I am!” ~ Anonymous Satisfaction Survey Participant

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