Couples/Marital Therapy

Doing Couples work right is notoriously tricky for clinicians.  You will want a well-trained, experienced professional working with you, knowing how to not only create healing together but also to prevent pain from worsening.  Couples can actually do more damage to their relationship with the wrong communication conditions, sometimes needing to pause before continuing. 

Our Couples Specialist, Devon Spencer, is trained by Northwestern University in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Devon brings a calm, centered presence to slowing you both down, reflecting so that you’re both heard.  She will be teaching skills to manage yourself, giving you goals for your individual therapy time, coaching you on better communication and mediating family disputes with education on child or couple dynamics.  Her services are unfortunately not billable to insurance. 

Our Couples program is designed for change, not just for maintaining.  We ask each partner to enter individual therapy – whether with us or not – to support the change that needs to happen.  Yes, Devon can start without either of you being in individual support places, but we find that to be a less effective model.   Our couples component is to help the two of you understand your patterns, understand the nervous system’s reactions, know best how to slow to open to another point of view.  You’ll bring those goals then to your individual work, to understand your unique needs for slowing and opening yourself to other options.   If you are each in Individual sessions in-house with Family Resilience, communication is internal and seamless within the team supporting you.

 We work on understanding attachment and developmental wounds that might be brought into the relationship, learn how to track activating moments of overwhelm, find healthy ways to disengage, and communicate in ways that reach your partner more fully and safely through better neurological regulation. Managing family issues and recovering sexuality are sub-specialties of ours.  Many people also come in for pre-marital therapy.

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“When I was researching various marriage counseling groups in the area, there was something that immediately stood out about FRG from all the other counseling practices.  The philosophy of FRG is exactly what we were looking for to improve ourselves and our marriage.  They encourage the importance of having separate individual therapists and a marriage counselor.  This creates a strong team dynamic, all working towards helping and supporting us through challenging issues.  Our experience at FRG has surpassed our expectations prior to seeking professional guidance.” ~D.M. Client Testimonial

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