About Kristen:


Kristen is the Founder and Director of the Family Resilience Group. She made it her mission to build a practice that went beyond traditional talk therapy to transformative family change. She recognized early on the need for a deeper level of work and sought out the most innovative approaches to treatment nationwide.

Kristen has then spent the last decade building a team that shares the same enthusiasm for learning and dedication to excellent client care.

As a clinician, Kristen brings a connected, effective, clear presence to the therapy room that often feels very reassuring to clients. Her clients credit her with the ability to combine compassionate wisdom with the cutting edge insights of Somatic Experiencing to help meet people where they are, while guiding them towards where they want to go with clarity.

She skillfully manages a loyal following of clients with complex situations, some even from different parts of the world/country by Skype.

She especially enjoys working with parents to identify different ways to manage their families with both warmth and skill.

“Kristen is an outstanding communicator. Her thought processes are very logical and her methods are practical and uncomplicated. I have found her very compassionate and easy to talk to. She has helped me reacquire my inner strength and independence. I am more emotionally centered now and have rediscovered that I do have power over my life.” ~ Client Testimonial¬†

Kristen’s Background:

  • BA in Psychology in 1988, MSW in 1991.
  • Trained with Mary Jo Barrett, MSW, of the Center for Contextual Change, where she served as Co-Clinical Director.
  • Co-authored a chapter in Children in Therapy (2000) along with Barrett and Joseph Cortese, LCSW
  • Trained in DBT in 2008, Somatic Experiencing starting in 2010, EMDR in 2013, Touch
    regulation methods in 2013.
  • Assistant teaches both the Somatic Experiencing and Touch curriculums nationwide.

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